Some Common Types of Eye Complications


As a person gets older, he or she is likely to experience some eye problems. These problems do not specifically affect older people, but any person of any age. Highlighted below are common problems that may affect eyes and should be treated early to prevent complication in future.


Presbyopia: This is a condition that causes a person to strain when reading small prints or looking at close objects. This condition occurs in a gradual manner and it is not easily noticed until a person is past 40. Presbyopia is corrected through wearing of reading glasses.


Dry Eyes: When a person’s tear glands are not able to make sufficient tears, or are producing low quality tears, then dry eyes condition will occur. The condition causes itching, burning and one will feel uncomfortable. The physician may subscribe a patient to use special eye drops that functions are actual tears.


Tearing: This is another eye problem where a person is sensitive to wind, change in temperature and very bright light. Shielding eyes from direct light or wearing sunglasses can prevent this condition. Tearing may also be one of the eye diseases that might lead to complications, and person should visit his/her doctor to determine whether the tear duct is infected or blocked. An expert at the eye centre will be able to correct these two conditions.


Cataracts: These are cloud like areas that are seen within the eye lens. Healthy eye lens is very clear like that of a camera, and light passes through it without problems until it reaches the retina where images are processed and recognized. A person affected by cataract can’t see properly because light is not able to pass through easily.


Floaters: These appear as small specks or spots that are seen within the field of vision. Majority of people will notice they have this condition when they enter well lit rooms or encounter bright light from the sunlight. Floaters are normal, but they may be a sign of a serious complication like retinal detachment.


Retinal Disorders: Retina is part of the eye that assembles images and transmits them to brain for interpretation. When a person is affected by retinal disorder, transfer of images is affected. Early diagnosis and treatment of this condition will restore the vision.


Conjunctivitis: This is a condition that affects the tissue lining the eyelids and covering the cornea becomes inflamed. In some situations, it is called “pink eye” or “red eye”. The condition may cause itching, redness, discharge or burning. It affects people of all ages, and is caused by exposure to chemicals or irritants.


Eyelid problems: The functions of the eyelid are to protect the eye, produce tears around its services, and limit the amount of light entering the eye. Some symptoms of this condition include paining, tearing, sensitivity, tearing.


Eye problems are very common to people of all ages. They may cause serious eye diseases that may lead future complications. Eye centre has specialist doctors who can treat all eye diseases that affect people. Link


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