Singapore is known for its cheap and efficient LASIK procedure. LASIK is the surgical procedure used by doctors to correct refractive errors like myopia, astigmatism, and Presbyopia. The new eye problem corrective procedure is fast gaining popularity all over the world. The LASIK procedure is cheaper in Singapore with leading eye clinic like theSingapore eye centre offering the treatment to large numbers of patients.


The surgery has gained immense popularity with major eye clinic recommending the procedure for its huge success rate. The method has other substantial benefits like faster visual recovery and very row risks. The increasing cases of poor eyesight are the major force behind the more innovative treatment options like the LASIK surgery and Epi Lasik treatment procedures. The later is more modified and uses a blunt sensor to make a superficial flap. Some of the disadvantages of the method are the pain involved is more as compared to LASIK procedure. Nevertheless, some patients argue it’s more efficient.


The cost of treatment varies between $1700 and $2200 depending on the clinic offering the treatment option. In Singapore eye centre, the procedure ranges between $1195 and $ 1535 including the post-operative care. The Epi Lasik method costs between $1800 in the same facility. The method is ideal for very thin corneas with no flaps involved as for the case of LASIK.


The new eye treatment methods use the Microkeratone and Intralase technology. The difference between the two microkeratone uses an oscillating blade to create the corneal flap while the intralase uses laser to create the flap. The method is known to result in less complication and the cost is average. The patients who have undergone the procedure also recommend it due to its improved overall vision quality.


Both procedures also use the standard or wave front guided systems for accuracy, the wave front guided measurement system is more advanced of used the 3 d technology to map the patient’s eye. The method produces images that are used to guide the laser to reshape or create the corneas. The cost while using this method is also relatively higher.


Researchers indicate that highest myopia rate is in Singapore. They attribute the high occurrences rate to computer addiction and limited wide open spaces causing lack of sunlight. Since myopia is also argued to hereditary, bad genes cannot also be ruled out. It also explains why it leads in advanced eye treatment technology with low cost. The price also varies with quality. Before considering the cheapest price available, it’s also a good idea to consider the quality of the operation. The high cost may be reasonable given the equipment used are high tech and more reliable.


Before settling for the treatment procedure, it’s important to do the cost- benefit analysis. Consulting with your doctor is also advisable to settle on the best procedure suitable for a specific eye problem. The cost for LASIK treatment procedure is further going down than before as more advanced methods are being invented.


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