Eye Health Advice From Eye Doctors


How often do you have an eye test? To avoid eye problems now and in future, eye doctors and other eye health practitioners advise that you have your eyes checked regularly. The reason for periodic eye checks is also informed by the fact that the environment has deteriorated, exposing the eyes to various health hazards. These specialists also appeal you to visit any eye centre in Singapore and have your eyes checked, any problem identified, and granted cure or advised accordingly.

What are some of the factors affecting eye health?
There are so many factors affecting the eye health today. Some of them are natural while a number others aren’t. Some of the natural factors that cause eye complications for individuals include gene composition; where some problems are genetically inherited and environmental changes such as infiltration of ultraviolet lights into the atmosphere. Some of the unnatural factors that lead to eye problems include working in areas where you are exposed to high dust levels, excessive smoking, or bad lighting either at home or the workplace.

When you should you seek the services of an eye specialist?
You should take it upon yourself to regularly visit an eye technician to have your eyes tested. Some eye challenges aren’t discomforting and will, therefore, grow unnoticed and reach acute stages where it is not just costly to treat, but the treatment itself doesn’t assure total correction. Nevertheless, when faced with either of these symptoms, you should seek medical help immediately as this may just be the tip of a bigger underlying problem:
-Excessive tearing
-A painful itch that causes bloodshot eyes

-Constant feeling of dust in the eye
-A sticky discharge


How do you maintain good eye health?
One of the surest ways of maintaining good eye health is ensuring you have periodic eye check-ups to detect and treat any eye problems you may unknowingly be exposed to. These tests and advice are made available by eye specialists in any eye centre in Singapore dedicated to helping you see better. Leading a healthy life is also a sure and an inexpensive way of not just caring for your eyes but also your body in general. Quitting some unhealthy habits such as smoking that is a leading contributor to eye complications also goes a long way in ensuring eye health.

Other ways of ensuring eye health include eating healthy foods rich in nutrients such as fatty acids and vitamins C and E that contribute to proper eye health. Wearing sunglasses outdoors also protects your eyes from ultra violet sun rays while polarized lenses help reduce glare while driving. You might also consider reducing the amount of time you spend glaring at the computer screen as that light as it also adversely affects the health of your eyes.
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