Epi-LASIK Singapore

The Downside of Standard LASIK
With standard LASIK surgery, the surgeon cuts a flap on the cornea with a blade or laser. An excimer laser is then used to reshape the tissue below and then the corneal flap is replaced back. The cornea is weakened and may cause a variety of complications in the future, especially for active individuals who indulge in sporting or other rigorous activities.

Epi-LASIK – The No Cut, No Flap Procedure

Epi-LASIK Procedure

In Epi-LASIK, only the superficial cells (i.e. the epithelium) is removed before the laser is used to reshape the cornea – there is no need to cut a flap on the cornea. After the procedure, it takes 5 days or less for the skin cells to completely grow back, making it as good as new.

This makes Epi-LASIK a much more effective and safer alternative. It is also especially suitable for those suffering from high myopia, thin corneas or dry eyes.

Epi-LASIK Package at S$3,388 (Excl. GST) for Both Eyes
Our Epi-LASIK package includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Pre-LASIK Evaluation.
  • The Epi-LASIK surgery by our Principal LASIK Surgeon Dr. Tony Ho.
  • Initial Set of Medications.
  • First Month Post-Op Review.

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