Clearvision LASIK Clinic Singapore

Throw Away Your Glasses
LASIK corrects myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism by reshaping the cornea using laser. It is a simple procedure which lasts only 10-15 minutes per eye, and you can get back to your normal daily activites within the same day.

LASIK Clinic with Over 12 Years Experience in Singapore
Clearvision is a LASIK clinic that was established in 2001 by Dr. Tony Ho, a Consultant Opthalmologist that has treated more than 20,000 patients since 1993. Dr. Ho currently shuttles between the main clinic in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Clearvision LASIK Centre in Orchard and 3 eye care clinics in the suburbs.

Not Just LASIK but Epi-LASIK
Dr. Tony Ho introduced Epi-LASIK to Singapore in 2004, a newer and more advanced version of LASIK which does not require cutting the cornea – a safer option, especially for active people. Dr. Ho has since done Epi-LASIK surgery successfully for thousands of patients.

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